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We empower those whomake things happen

Why we are different

We are SEIN or School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation for long. Consider us your go-to team when it comes to entrepreneurship. We’ve got business acumen, entrepreneurial mindset, and a teaching method which stimulates critical thinking, and thus generating innovative ideas.

We are a lean team of successful serial entrepreneurs and experienced professionals, that will teach, guide, advice, and support you so you can thrive in a fast evolving world. We’re driven by our desire to help those who wish to transform their visions into sustainable ventures.

We’ll educate people around entrepreneurship because the future is entrepreneurial and the fixed mindset doesn’t have a place in a fast evolving world. Because business disruption is the new norm the world is in need for people with entrepreneurial skills such as creative problem solving, critical thinking, communication and empathy.

Since entrepreneurship is not a science, nor an art, but practice we also guide, consult, advise and support those who wish to create their own business. You will always be surounded by like-minded entrepreneurs, our alumni family, where you can always turn for help.

We’re here helping high-potential individuals take control of their lives in a fast evolving world, one cohort at a time.

Our Mission

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Help startup founders create sustainable businesses by eliminating the reasons they fail.

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Help skilled professionals evolve an entrepreneurial mindset which will increase their chances of finding a job in a tough economy.

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Help companies evolve an entrepreneurial mindset to their employees allowing them to become innovative from within.

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Our Vision

To create a community of high-potential individuals that we’ll educate, upskill, advise, guide, support and invest in them to change the world to a better place. Our community members not only will they create successful companies, but they will spread their expertise in helping others follow their steps. Greece can and will export innovative ideas to the rest of the world, one startup at a time.

Our values


  • No Bullshit!
  • We accept criticism
  • We give honest feedback


  • We help each other, our customers, our community
  • We use non-violent communication
  • We don’t like jerks, we aren’t arrogant

Quality first

  • We always do the extra mile
  • We provide high end, high value services, to anyone, always
  • Our success is our customers success

Personal Development

  • Be the change you seek
  • We are always seeking to learn
  • Making mistakes is part of the learning process
  • We learn from our mistakes


  • Driven by results