The economic crisis followed by a pandemic doesn’t represent a cycle, it represents a reset. Change is the only constant in our lives. Change brings challenge — and opportunity too. The challenge is that the rate of change driven by technology is not linear, but it is exponential. This is the time for entrepreneurs because, when they see a challenge, they are able to imagine new solutions.

Develop the right mindset​

In a rapidly evolving world that relies heavily on human’s ability to adapt quickly, it is of vital importance to develop the right mindset. Mindset is a collection of attitudes and dispositions that you apply to thousands of situations every day. It’s the way you think about the world around you. More importantly it often determines how you apply your skill​ ​set.

While there are a lot of mindsets you can develop, however one mindset in particular has been responsible for much of human progress. It created billions of jobs and lifted myriads out of poverty for thousands of industries. We call this the entrepreneurial mindset. What’s remarkable about entrepreneurial mindset is that it’s not about new ventures only. This mindset applies in every situation at a company, nonprofit, government, or at a university. With an entrepreneurial mindset you’re an agent of change empowered to design the world of tomorrow.

Many lack the entrepreneurial mindset, which at the core requires a growth mindset, the acceptance of failure as a learning process, and the intrinsic value of helping others. It’s time to learn this mindset. Millennial and Gen Z leaders will inspire the goal of helping the world become a better place through innovation and entrepreneurship.

​Entrepreneurs are made

​We ​have created​ the “School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation” ( to encourage this mindset with which a new generation can be unleashed to lead with a goal of creating new businesses, organisations, and systems that help the world.

Our teaching method of choice is the Socratic, a form of cooperative argumentative dialogue which stimulates critical thinking, thus generating innovative ideas. At the same time the structure of the course helps develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

​An entrepreneurial mindset is the hope for our future and will create a better world, and today we need to be infused with these collective ideas.