sein intrapreneurship table

It's time to createyour success story

Intrapreneurs Syllabus

Ask the right questions

  • Produce your own questions
  • Improve your questions
  • Strategize on how to use your questions
  • Reflect on what you have learned
  • Practice three thinking abilities in one process:
  • Divergent, Convergent and Metacognitive thinking

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Learning outcomes
  • A mindset for life; not only startups
  • Identify, assess, share and act on opportunities
  • Coping with failure
  • How to validate problem and its solution
  • How to validate if a product has an acceptance in a market
  • Problem-solution, Product-Market, Business model canvas
  • Thinking entrepreneurially within yourself and colleagues
  • Entrepreneurial motivations and behaviors
  • Seeing and acting entrepreneurially

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Learning outcomes
  • Overcoming the top myths of entrepreneurship
  • Defining your goals as an entrepreneur and startup
  • Identifying business opportunities
  • Performing market research and choosing your target customer
  • Designing and testing your offering
  • Planning your business logistics, plus pitching and selling to customers

Embrace Change

Learning outcomes
  • Identify promising business opportunities
  • Develop your ideas into a venture concept
  • Test market receptiveness to your venture idea by using social media
  • Craft an opportunity exploitation roadmap
  • Creatively market your solution
  • Learn and apply bootstrapping
  • How to grow your venture
  • Experience the early stages of the entrepreneurial process

The tools you will need

Learning outcomes
  • Design thinking
  • Lean methodologies
  • Agile methodologies
  • Customer personas
  • The role of operations in launching a startup
  • How to successfully launch startup