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Future of Work:Intrepreneurship


Innovation is on our DNA. We are a team of successful entrepreneurs and professionals with broad experience in creating successful businesses.

While you are innovate by improving your products performance by reducing defects and/or improve performance to meet your customers’ current needs, there is at least one startup out there which is about to disrupt the market. FinTech startups disrupted banking, Airbnb disrupted hotels, Uber disrupted transportation. Startups, with their disruptive innovation, evolve to meet your customers’ future needs.

These two types of innovation (sustaining vs. disruptive) are at the core of the Innovator's Dilemma. As entrepreneurs we will educate your staff on the disruptive innovation and have them develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

In that way, we’ll educate your employees on how to become intrapreneurs. They will learn what it takes to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. They’ll turn the company upside-down and inside-out to show that innovation and growth are grounded in the new reality – complexity, uncertainty, and the unknown

How do we help

We’ve created an experiential, interactive, and intensive 60 hours course covering the following areas:

• Ask better questions • Idea • Brand and startup culture
• Team • Product • Execution • Investment

We offer guidance, consulting and support from our team of entrepreneurs and professionals who will help your organization create innovative products and services.

Are you ready to bethe forefront of innovation?

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