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The nature of work changes.You shouldn't fall behind


Innovation is on our DNA. We are a team of successful entrepreneurs and professionals with broad experience in creating successful businesses.

Most companies focus on sustaining innovation, where they improve the product based on feedback from their customers, and get disrupted.

Your wide and deep knowledge about the market, is something that is a valuable asset in the startup world. So, there is an opportunity here if you want to take the entrepreneurial journey.

If so, before you can join them and add value, you need to be educated on the disruptive innovation and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

If not, bear in mind that what's remarkable about entrepreneurial mindset is that it's not only about new ventures.

With an entrepreneurial mindset you're an agent of change empowered to design the world of tomorrow.

How do we help

We’ve created an experiential, interactive, and intensive 60 hours course covering the following areas:

• Ask better questions • Idea • Brand and startup culture
• Team • Product • Execution • Investment

There will be personal conversations with our team to understand your goals, your wants and needs and of course your expertise. In that way it will be easier for us to match you with the right startup.

In case you decide, after the 60 hours course, that you’d like to build your own startup, check here the offering to founders.

Are you ready to reinvent yourself?

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