Web Series Episode 2 - No Market Need

42% of founders fail because there wasn't a market need for their product or service. Like many other founders, they believed that they had a million dollar idea, but the market had a different opinion. To be successful you will need to find a large enough problem that you can serve universally with a scalable solution. To create a successful startup you will need something the founders want, that they can build and that few others realise are worth doing.You should talk to your customers even before you write a line of code. But be careful! You should not talk to them about your solution, you should talk to them about the problem they are facing and which you are trying to solve for them. To help you create your success story, we are implementing a unique 6 months online program, with a purpose to guide you on developing the entrepreneurial mind set through experiential learning on how to transform your ideas into sustainable business.

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