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About us

Is SEIN one more incubator?

No! Let' see where we defer from them

SEIN was created by entrepreneurs

We know the entrepreneurial journey from inside. We’ve been in your shoes more than once with successes and failures of course. We’ve seen the bright side of entrepreneurship but also its dark side. Throughout the years we’ve developed the entrepreneurial or growth mindset which helped us become not only better entrepreneurs but also better individuals.

We embrace learning, and we tend to apply what we’ve learned to our business endeavours. We try things, we learn from failures and we become stronger and wiser. We’re always giving our best to whatever we do, which forces us to find and embrace the aspects that make us unique. We become also confident and comfortable when dealing with uncertainty.

Using the Socratic method, we’ll help new founders develop the entrepreneurial mindset too, which will help them on every aspect of their lives.

We don’t select teams to join our program

Most incubators select ideas/teams believing that they know how to recognize a winning startup/team. There are more than 7,000 incubators/accelerators in the world who believe that they know. But still, 9 out of 10 startups fail.

At SEIN we don’t believe that we can recognize winning ideas/teams but we know who can, the customers. So, we teach them how to come up with innovative ideas, and in addition how to evaluate those ideas with their customers first. We teach them how to conduct customer interviews to increase the possibilities of success.

We support you on every step of your journey

Incubators use their mentors as a bait to startups. On their lists one can find CEOs of multi-billion companies, high-profile executives, managers. In very few cases you might be lucky and find a successful (or not) entrepreneur.

The main challenge for the founders is to book office hours with their very busy mentors. During those challenging times, it’s easy to understand that their attention and time is on the organization that pays their bills and not on some random guys who dream to change the world. Makes sense, right?

In addition, most of those mentors have a fixed-mindset. Simply put, managers and leaders with a fixed mindset usually keep an eye on employees with profound credentials. They usually congratulate them based on results. Employees sometimes feel threatened when obstacles occur in fixed mindset cultures. They feel that there is no room for failure as managers emphasize and celebrate big results, not effort. As a startup working on its hypothesis, for sure you don’t need support from people with a fixed mindset, do you?

On the contrary, managers and leaders with the growth mindset usually give employees opportunity and time to grow. They focus on effort and praise employees for that. They often act as mentors and give employees opportunities to develop and train. That kind of people will help you become the better version of yourself, you’ll become more persistent, you’ll retain confidence, perseverance, and resilience and you’ll cultivate positive decisions.

At SEIN you’ll get support from serial entrepreneurs (the growth mindset is built-in in their DNA with time) and professionals with the growth mindset. Our goal at SEIN is to support you become the best version of yourself, to live to your fullest potential. If during the process you will be able to create a unicorn, that will be a bonus.

We have your back when the going gets tough

Entrepreneurs often juggle many roles and face countless setbacks – lost customers, disputes with partners, increased competition, staffing problems – all while struggling to make payroll. Successful entrepreneurs achieve hero status in our culture. We idolize the Mark Zuckerbergs and the Elon Musks, we celebrate the blazingly fast growth of the Inc. 500 companies. But most of the entrepreneurs they will struggle through moments of near-debilitating anxiety and despair – times when it seemed everything might crumble.

Not everyone who walks through darkness makes it out. That’s why at SEIN we make sure that you’ll get the support that you need, even when the going gets tough. At SEIN you are surrounded by like-minded people who have been at your shoes, understand your struggles, and will help you in every way possible. You can count on us, all.

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Many hands make light work

At SEIN, we have an active alumni community, where successful entrepreneurs will mentor, guide and advice new founders on their entrepreneurial journey. At SEIN you’ll find like-minded people who are willing to help and support you. One of our core values as a company is “pay-it-forward” so at all times senior members of the community help younger members creating a family atmosphere.